About Glass Half "MT"

Hi, I'm Mark Tyrrell, and Glass Half "MT" is my blog. I'm not really nearly as pessimistic as the name lets on, but I am a sucker for cheap puns, so here we are. I'm intentionally avoiding setting any sort of main focus for the blog, because I want to leave the door open to write about anything, but I foresee two major categories being prevalent in my posts:

  • things I'm excited about
  • things I'm annoyed about

In both cases, I'll try to keep the tone light and punny when possible, and at the very least, informative.

Why not call it 'The Digicow Blog" or something, since it is on digicow.net?

Two reasons: 1) I couldn't think of a blog name around the digicow "brand" that didn't sound ridiculous, and 2) the empty/MT pun is something I've been playing around with since I was in high school, just waiting for a good opportunity to use it. Maybe I'll register a domain for it later on.

I'd like to comment on something you wrote. Do I have to register?

You do. But registration is simple and easy, via the link at the top-right of every page. Anyone is welcome to register, comment, share, etc, within reason. You all know what's acceptable and what's not.

Why is your site so ugly?

Yeah, I'm a developer, not a designer. If you have constructive advice for how I can make the site look or work better, I'd love to hear it! It's currently built on Drupal 7 and running on a webserver I have complete control over, so shoot me an email with what you think I should change, and if possible, how I should change it

I love your blog. How can I show my appreciation?

The easiest way would be to make a donation to Digital Cow Software since it's already set up for that purpose.